Sunday, August 16, 2009

For Viewing: July's Assignment

I know! I know! It it now August, but Craft Warehouse sent our product 2 weeks late, and we were given 4 weeks extra to complete it! Even with the extra time, this month was a little tricky.

Brown Circle My Little Shoebox Shadow Box Layout

I was given ONLY 2 sheets of paper and 1 circular die cut paper for this puppy! Sheesh! Now, I love LOTS of paper to layer with, so I was challenged, especially since we were asked to create 3-D Layouts for use in a shadow box. I bent wired ribbon, cut out elements and plunked down tons of foam tape. At 6.39 a roll, I oughta buy stock in Scotch brand!

Pink and Yellow My Little Shoebox Shadow Box Layout

This was kind of fun! We are limited to embellishments--no fancy buttons and such, but I found these big ole' buttons in my button box, and, voila! I had dimension!!!

Blue and Yellow Pink Paisley Layout

(It isn't pink, I know. Pink Paisley is the brand name.) We received lots of chipboard elements and tons of papers for this assignment, and I love how it turned out. I find I use the backs of a whole lot of papers, especially when the pattern is bold. Perhaps I am a bit of a pattern wuss. All those rules about "no mixing of plaids and florals" come into play. when I see many multi patterned paper packs. (try saying that 3 times fast!)


OK, I was a bit nervous about using canvas. I wanted to appear as a real artiste! I thought ink would be fun, but I am at the INK 101 level, and I yucked up my first canvas. (No problem, I am going to paint it and use it for a U of O canvas for Drew's bedroom.) My spattering got a bit out of hand, too, and the bold squiggle at the bottom is a bit trembly when I wanted it to be BOLD, but for a first time effort--it is fine.

Extra Credit!!!!

I also finished 4 coach's books for Drew's all-star team. I shot 600 photos per game--a total of 6000 shots! I choose 1000 shots and edited them--and, yes, I got typer's cramp... for the CD I am creating for the team parents. I am sick of overachieving and intend to sit on the boat and read the rest of the summer!!! So There!

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  1. goll, read the last comment... and YES, you are an over-achiever! ha. where are your photos in the post??? did you in fact, take the rest of the summer off?????